kisstherain4me (kisstherain4me) wrote in d0wnloadwh0re,

Please help me get the songs of my beloved mix tapes into mp3s. It's come to my attention that a lot of these artists are canadian or one hit wonders, so it's hard to track them down. Please help!

Bolded means I have recieved them

If you could only see –Tonic(not acoustic)
Hurts to love you-Philosopher Kings
My favourite mistake-Sheryl Crow
One Week-Barenaked Ladies
Tearing up my heart-N’Sync
Uninvited-Alanis Morrisette/Jimmy Paige
Lullaby-Shawn Mullins
You’re still my sunshine-Len
Viva loca-Ricky Martin
That way-Backstreet Boys
Electric Barbrella-Duran Duran
The impression that I get-The mighty, mighty bosstones
Breaking all the rules-She Moves
Soldier’s Boy-Spirit of the West
All that you are-Econoline Crush
You don't know what it's like-Econoline Crush
Spiderwebs-No Doubt
As long as you love me-Backstreet Boys
Another Night-The Real McCoy
Do You Know (What It Takes) - Robyn
I don’t want to wait-Paula Cole
Runaway-The Real McCoy
Sunny Came Home - Shawn Colvin
Lemon Tree-Fool’s Garden
Dj’s girl-Katalina
Fly-Sugar ray
On my own-Peach Union
Where do you go?-No mercy
Push-Matchbox 20
3am-Matchbox 20
Falling-Holly Cole
Spice up your life-Spice Girls
Walkin’ on the sun-Smashmouth
My Brilliant beast-Nervous.
My own worst enemy-Lit
The Old Apartment-Barenaked ladies
Paint it Black-Gob
The Great Beyond- R.E.M.
Little Black Backpack-Stroke 9
Run to the water-LIVE
Jumper-Third Eye Blind
Flagpole Sitta-Harvey Danger
The Freshmen - The Verve Pipe
Backstreets Back-Backstreet Boys
Better days-Goo Goo dolls
The Way-Fastball
Save tonight-Eagle eye cherry
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